7 tips to bring the restaurant ambience home

7 tips to bring the restaurant ambience home

We're really starting to miss evenings out at our favourite restaurants, especially at this time of year when we'd usually be planning a romantic dinner for two. So why not take Valentine's Day as an excuse to recreate the restaurant experience in your very own dining room? Get dressed to the nines and call the babysitter: tonight we're dining in like never before!

1. Set the scene

Turning your dining room into a pop-up restaurant is all about atmosphere. Pull out a beautiful tablecloth and set the table with care: folded napkins, polished silverware and sparkling wine and water glasses in the right places will make all the difference. And this is definitely an occasion for your best dishes! Add a few candles or a small bouquet of fresh flowers as a centrepiece, and don't forget a little mood music. For a finishing touch: put the evening's menu on a blackboard, or print it out on pretty paper!

2. The art of the happy hour

There's nothing better than nibbling at a bowl of olives with a nice aperitif. In little Mediterranean bistros, you'll often get an assortment of olives on the table before your meal. Black or green, Kalamata or Manzanilla, stuffed with garlic, pimento or almonds: visit our olive counter to put together the perfect mix of your favourites from over 40 varieties.

3. The beloved bread basket

What do we miss the most about dining out? The moment when the server sets down a basket of hot, fresh bread, obviously! Stop by the bakery counter and choose from a delectable selection of baguettes, loaves, rolls and Mediterranean specialities, all fresh from the oven. Whip up some elegant little butter balls, wrap your bread in a clean napkin and savour the moment!

4. Menu

Go big with a four-course menu, with a focus on recipes you can make ahead of time. Start the meal with a light soup to whet your appetite, followed by a fresh appetizer like a beet salad, grilled eggplant or cucumber and yogurt salad. For the main course, choose something a little extra special: lemon veal cutlets , leg of lamb or grilled fishare just a few show stopping ideas. And why not add a platter of oysters if we're really going all out? Whether you go for fried or barbecued oysters or try an oyster gratin, they're a perfect, elegant addition to a romantic dinner for two.

5. Wine pairings

What's a dinner out without a good bottle of wine? For your aperitif and appetizers, start with a light white wine, like an Italian Soave or a Greek Assyrtiko that will also go nicely with a main course of fish. If you're serving red meat like lamb, beef or veal, opt for a medium-bodied, oaky red. For a regional pairing, try a Moroccan, Lebanese or Israeli wine with notes of warm spices and jammy fruits.

6. Delicious desserts

For the all-important finishing touch, don't forget dessert! And we don't mean a couple of cookies or a few squares of chocolate. Stop by to see what our pastry chefs have created and choose from our tempting selection of shortbreads, cakes and European delicacies. Or if you're in the mood for something with more of a Mediterranean flair, try our maamouls, knafehs, baklava and other fresh delights with a hint of pistachio-- and end your meal on the sweetest of notes.

7. Catering service

If you'd rather spend more time at the table and less in the kitchen, prepared dishes to go are an excellent option. From savoury grilled dishes to freshly baked pizzas to an impressive variety of dishes showcasing Mediterranean flavours, the catering service at your Adonis Market offers delicious fresh dishes to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Some locations even offer delivery!