Make an Adonis-Style Platter

Make an Adonis-Style Platter

When you're entertaining family or friends, sharing a platter is the perfect way to make meals easier to plan! Cheeses, fruits, nuts and mezze: Mediterranean cuisine is the perfect way to build a board that will make you travel! Check out our suggestions to find out how to assemble the platter of your dream!

1. Mezze

The first step in creating an aperitif platter is to start with the biggest items. Mezze, small, shared dishes, are therefore what you place on the board first. Hummus tabouleh, small salads, grilled vegetables, bruschetta, dips... dips

2. Cheeses

Once your mezze are in place, it’s time for cheeses . The key here is variety! And that's just as well, because from Italy to Lebanon and Greece, the Mediterranean region offers a wide range of cheeses of all types. Pan-fried halloumi ,spicy labneh or seasoned feta: let your creativity run wild!

3. Fruits

CTime to add a touch of freshness! Arrange fruit in different cuts all over the board, whether you go for grapes, apples, dates , or melon. Vary the colours and textures while favouring seasonal products for the best possible result, and don't forget the olives: green, black or Kalamata, stuffed or spiced, there are so many possibilities!

4. Nuts

Filling the gaps between the other ingredients is next, and nuts are great for this. Once again, diversity is the key: almonds, pistachios, pecans, cashews, walnuts, or Brazil nuts, no matter which you choose, everyone will fall for their crunchy texture and irresistible flavours.

5. Olives

What sort of platter would it be without the quintessential Mediterranean fruit: the famous olives? Don't hesitate to offer several varieties: red, black or green, Manzanilla, Cerignola, Lebanese, Kalamata or Moroccan, stuffed with chili, almonds or lemon zest, marinated or not... stop by the olive bar at your Marché Adonis to stock up on over forty varieties and garnish your board without limiting yourself!

6. Bread

Last but not least: bread! But don’t limit yourself to sliced baguettes when there are many more avenues to explore! Toasted pita bread, zaatar rolls, crackers... the more, the better!

Now that you know how to create the perfect platter, make your grocery list and stop by your local Marché Adonis to stock up on Mediterranean food!