A whole world of cheese

A whole world of cheese awaits you!

Lightly grilled in a raclette, melting on a hot pizza or spread onto a slice of perfectly soft bread: we're all about cheese in all its forms, from firm cheddar to soft labneh. Come explore everything cheese has to offer at Marché Adonis's bulk counter and find more than a hundred kinds of dairy products from all over the Mediterranean coast. Here are just a few of our highlights:


Akawi is a white soft cheese from the Levant region. Made from pasteurized milk, it has a very smooth texture and smells deliciously buttery. It is a great table cheese and can be eaten cold, grilled, or as filling in kanafeh, a pastry made of dough soaked in rose syrup. Yum!


Baladi is in the same family of cheese as akawi, but it's denser and has a milder flavour profile. It is originally from Lebanon, and its name translates literally to "local cheese". It is usually eaten with breakfast or as a snack, on bread or crackers. Baladi is also a great addition to grilled sandwiches and panini.


Tuma's velvety texture and mild, delicate taste make it an excellent choice for creamy spreads and delicious dips. Tuma is also perfect all on its own with just a drizzle of olive oil. This Italian soft rind cheese was traditionally made with sheep's milk, but pasteurized cow's milk is generally accepted nowadays.


Traditionally flavoured with exotic aromatic spices such as mahleb and black cumin, nabulsi smells deliciously of pepper and cumin. This irresistible semi-hard cheese of Palestinian origin has a dense and crumbly paste that makes it the perfect candidate for grilling. Try it in a raclette, on the barbecue or fried, and you'll be in for a delicious surprise.


Labneh is a staple in many Mediterranean cuisines. This fresh cheese is made by straining yogurt and has a rich, creamy and milky texture that makes it a perfect dip for your crudités or bread. Top it with a drizzle of olive oil and a few mint leaves and treat yourself! You can also get it in spicy, goat cheese and zaatar-flavoured versions.

Braided cheese

Braided cheese is made by stretching the cheese curd and winding it into a braid. Made from pasteurized milk, seasoned with aromatic spices and then brined, it has a smooth and shiny texture. It has a delicious milky, salty taste, and it can be enjoyed fresh as a snack or cut into thin slices and pan fried.


Halloumi is no stranger to the raclette lovers among us. This semi-hard and elastic cheese is originally from Cyprus, and it's famous for its distinctive shape, created when it is folded in half during production. Also available seasoned with peppers and herbs, it goes nicely in all kinds of recipes, from kebabs and salads to burgers and pasta.


You know it from your fresh salads and, more recently, from the baked pasta phenomenon. Feta is arguably the most famous Mediterranean cheese, but did you know that it actually comes in many varieties? Head to the bulk counter and try our Greek feta, which is made from sheep's milk and is creamy and tastier, Danish feta, which is made from cow's milk and has a milder flavour profile, and Bulgarian feta, which has a more pungent aroma.