A whole new world of dates

A whole new world of dates

Dates are sometimes called nature's candy, and it's easy to understand why. These highly sought after fruits have a heavenly sweet taste and are chock full of health benefits. Here's the date 411.

Dates grow on large palm trees, primarily in North Africa, the Middle East and California. Dried dates are available all year long, and fresh dates can be enjoyed from October to December. Although fresh dates need to be refrigerated, dried dates can keep for several months if stored in a dry place away from direct light..

Good, and good for you

Dates are jam packed with natural sugars, making them an excellent source of energy. One serving of 10 dates contains approximately 55 grams of carbohydrates. They're the perfect snack for regulating your blood sugar or as a post-workout snack. They're also a great option for breaking a fast, which is why they're such a popular food during Ramadan. Dates also aid with digestion and help you feel full, thanks to their high dietary fibre content.And on top of all that, they are also animportant source of magnesium and antioxidants, , which do wonders for your health.

Take your pick

Dried dates are sometimes called "tamar," while fresh ones, recognizable for their vibrant yellow colour, are known as "rutab" There are a lot of different varieties of dates--here are a few that can be found at your local Adonis.

  • - Medjool

    Nicknamed the "queen of all dates", the Medjool is a meaty, tender Moroccan date. Its sweet taste is somewhat similar to maple syrup.

  • - Sukkari

    The Sukkari, grown in Saudi Arabia, is one of the most well known varieties of dates. Extremely sweet, fresh Sukkari have a uniquely crisp texture, while dried ones have strong notes of caramel.

  • - Deglet nour

    Algerian Deglet Nour dates are sophisticated, with a thin skin, visible pit and pillowy texture. Fresh Deglet Nours are delicious as is, but the variety is also very popular in baked goods.

  • - Mazafati

    These Iranian dates, also called Bam dates, are mostly eaten fresh. They are round and meaty, with a melt in your mouth texture and rich caramel aromas.


Dates are versatile and can be enjoyed in a number of different ways. Here are just a few great ideas.

  • Fresh.Fresh dates are great as a snack-just pit them and enjoy with cheese, charcuterie or nuts. You can also add them to smoothies or use them to make chutney or jam.
  • Dried.Dried dates are great in cooking and baking. They're a key ingredient in everyone's favourite, date squares, as well as in Queen Elizabeth Cake and Maamoul. They also give a major boost of flavour to tajines, couscous and braised meats.
  • Stuffed.If you like mixing sweet and savoury, stuffed dates are just the thing for you! Whether filled with pistachios, almonds, goat cheese or blue cheese, it's hard to find a tastier appetizer.
  • Paste.Date paste is an increasingly common substitute for refined sugar. You can make date paste by simmering dried dates in water to reconstitute, then blitzing them in your food processor. You can swap date paste one to one for sugar in most of your favourite recipes!