5 Food trends to adopt in 2023

5 Food Trends to Adopt In 2023

2023 has just started and we are so excited for what's to come on the foodie scene that we have combed the Internet for the upcoming year's culinary fads. Here are five trends that will surely influence us in the following months!

Budget Time

It's hard to ignore the inevitable effects of inflation on the food industry, which will certainly make us more conscious of the ways we can reduce our grocery bills. bills. This means that inexpensive recipes made with low-price ingredients, such as canned foods and non-perishable goods, will probably be more popular than ever.

The Year of Plant-Based

Meats of all types are particularly affected by the price increases we are currently experiencing, meaning that more and more people will probably turn to vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Tofu, other plant-based proteins,legumes , and veggies will be the guests of honour at our table and the stars of our meals, from breakfast to dinner!

Fungi Feast

Mushrooms have never been more popular! They are nutritional, full of flavours, and extremely versatile: they can be the star of a dish, made into a delicious and hearty sauce or part of a delectable side dish. And there are so many varieties available in supermarkets now, you must try them out!

Local Cuisine...

In the past years, we have grown to give more and more importance to the traceability of our ingredients, and it's a great thing! We like to know where our food is from, and the number of people who try to buy locally sourced ingredients is constantly growing. There's no doubt that this trend will still be going strong this year!

... With An International Twist!

Finally, we will be inspired more than ever by culinary cultures from around the world! From refreshing Mediterranean recipes to typical Middle Eastern dishes, we will revisit homegrown ingredients by integrating them into tasty dishes that take us on a journey with every bite. From fattouch to moghrabieh, without forgetting the famous tabbouleh, we will find new ways to reinvent our favourite Quebec vegetables!