Buy Local

Quebec has a bounty of seasonal products to enjoy!

It's no secret: the best way to enjoy your favourite foods at their freshest is to buy them when they're in season. We've developed a calendar to help you enjoy a host of local products all year round!


April marks the start of snow crab season. Every year around this time, lovers of fine dining dutifully line up to get their hands on these sensational shellfish. As the month nears its end, lobster fishing gets going in the Maritimes. We receive fresh lobster in stock up to four times a week, so make sure to pay the seafood section of your nearest store a visit. Yum!


When the weather starts getting warmer, it's a sure sign that your local grocery store produce section will soon be overflowing with asparagus and leaf lettuce. Asparagus can be a touch costly the rest of the year, so May is the perfect time to stock up! You can help your asparagus last longer by blanching it for about four minutes, straining, letting cool and then freezing in a sealed container or freezer bag.


Romaine and iceberg lettuce arrive hand in hand with beautiful June weather. These veggies are truly outstanding in their field, with crunchy leaves and fantastic flavour! The end of June has its own great harvest, bringing green onions, radishes, strawberries and broccoli. Clearly the perfect time to whip up a delicious summer salad!


In the first weeks of July, cauliflower, spinach, field cucumbers, celery and parsley all start hitting grocery shelves, inspiring us to make delicious dishes like tabouleh, fattouch and tzatziki. All the flavours of the Mediterranean, with all local ingredients! Raspberries are also in the peak of their growing season and are soon followed by green peppers and sweet corn. Did we hear someone say corn roast? Then in late July, it's your chance to stock up on cantaloupe, peaches, yellow plums and Ontario coronation grapes. Act quick so you don't miss out!


Summer might be drawing to a close, but Quebec's farmers will never leave you feeling hungry. We're spoiled by a bountiful mid August harvest of carrots, onions, yellow and red peppers, blueberries and rutabagas! You can even use this time to prepare for the start of the school year by cooking some meals with fresh ingredients and freezing them for later. Get a head start by using the final days of summer to make some tasty red pepper based muhamarra, a hearty soup or minced meat chili!


Seafood lovers know that months ending in "ber" are the best time of the year for slurping down d'oysters and de mussels . Whether you prefer sand free Beausoleil oysters for their fine taste or juicy Malpeques for their delicate texture, the fishmongers at your nearest Marché Adonis are sure to be your new best friends. With nearly a dozen varieties of fresh oysters and the very best mussels on offer, you'll have everything you need to make a feast fit for a king!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new arrivals every week using our calendar that lets you know which de local and seasonal ingredients are at their freshest. Make sure to also check out our new flyer every Thursday!