Seven creative Mediterranean sides

BBQ blues begone: Seven creative Mediterranean sides

Can't figure out what to serve as a side at your next barbecue? We've got all kinds of Mediterranean inspired dishes, from salad to pan fried cheese, to whisk you away to sunnier climes.

1. Fattouch salad

Fattouch is a traditional Mediterranean mezze salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and onion, flavoured with sumac and parsley and topped with pieces of grilled pita for that irresistible crunch. It goes great with grilled seafood.

2. Tabouleh

If you're grilling up some beef, lamb or game, then tabouleh is just the side you need! This parsley and bulgur salad with mint and lemon is the perfect partner for ultra-juicy meat

3. Fried halloumi

Halloumi is too good to be limited to raclette! night! Serve it along with your grilled chicken and you'll see: it's a match made in heaven.

4. Cucumber and yogurt salad

This refreshing cucumber and yogurt salad is great for accompanying hot dogs and hamburgers. It would also make a great addition to corn roast Trust us, everyone's going to go nuts for it.

5.Stuffed eggplant

The length, thick skin and tender texture of eggplants make them ideal for grilling. That goes double for these stuffed eggplants with thyme, rosemary, parsley and garlic. Don't forget to drizzle the whole thing with a generous amount of olive oil to amp up the flavour!

6. Spanakopita calzones

Got a soft spot for garlic bread? Try spanakopita calzones as a side with your favourite grilled meat. These delicious savoury pastries stuffed with a mixture of spinach and feta will knock your socks off.

7. Stuffed vine leaves

The Greek mezze par excellence, dolmas are both nutritious and easy to make. They're a great substitute for rice or potatoes to go with souvlaki skewers or grilled sausages.