Our Team

Regardless of their role, every employee at ADONIS exudes the group image to clients who are dazzled by the quality of service. Every staff member plays the role of an official representative of ADONIS when interacting with customers. They are the ones who allow our values, our mission and our business culture to live and shine. The management philosophy of ADONIS GROUP is based on responsibility and mutual respect between clients and employees. This is what allows us to offer authentic and attentive service to everyone who does their groceries with us.

Employment at ADONIS

ADONIS GROUP is growing. New stores are opening on a regular basis in response to our growing clientele. We are continuously looking for highly motivated and determined people to join our team. Do you share the values of commitment, responsibility, risk taking and discipline that are necessary for the achievement of a strong business vision?

Our vision is based on unparalleled customer service. All of our team members work to give special attention to every client. Our role as an organization is to enhance the pleasure of doing groceries through a sensory cultural experience. We offer an incomparable and out of the ordinary experience in grocery shopping due to innovation. The employees play an important role in achieving this.

At ADONIS, we support all members of the team on the road to excellence. The image of the business depends on the energy and the collective intelligence that we cultivate together. We strive to create a working environment where everyone can flourish professionally and achieve their full potential.

ADONIS GROUP invests in the development and perfection of its employees. The development of individuals in learning and training is a priority for us. We hope that your employment at ADONIS will live up to all challenges, satisfaction and recognition that you are looking for.

To submit your application, please click here to fill out the form. You may also send us your information, your ambitions, your location preferences as well as your curriculum vitae and cover letter.