Celebrate Halloween With Adonis

Celebrate Halloween With Adonis

It’s the most terrifying season of the year, time to decorate the house and stock up on candy! For an original Halloween experience, here are a few ideas for Mediterranean-inspired treats that will make you both shiver and travel!

A Bone-Chilling Feast

A well-stocked buffet is always a must when hosting a costume party. To go all-in with the theme, why not give your favourite recipes a spooky twist?

  • Garnish your tomato pasta with cheese balls topped with a slice of black olive to give the impression of bloodshot eyes strewn around your plate. Guaranteed chills!
  • Try orange, purple and black pasta, as well as coloured Nantes carrots for a terrifyingly colourful pasta salad.
  • Serve your fried rice loaded , couscous or chili in hollowed-out pumpkins: your guests will be in awe!
  • Cut your vegetables into creepy shapes like pumpkins, ghosts, fingers, eyes or bats… Freakishly fun!


You’re on a tight schedule... or your culinary skills are simply frightening? You can always count on the catering service offered by your Marché Adonis! Delicious appetizers and bites, salads and vegetables, sandwiches and prepared meals as well as tasty desserts to top it all off, you only need to place your order 24 to 48 hours beforehand! Our online catering service is available in English and French for the province of Québec. You’re in Ontario? No problem! Simply contact your Marché Adonis to place an order.

Frightful Trick-or-Treating

Take a break from traditional sweets by offering trick-or-treaters exotic-flavoured delicacies. Chocolates, candies, chips, and more: Adonis is the destination for scrumptious imported goods that will guarantee a long line at your door!

From large pumpkins to sweet treats, we have it all! Head to your Marché Adonis for a world of tasty discoveries!