The beginner's guide to hosting Christmas Eve

The beginner's guide to hosting Christmas Eve

You need to be prepared if you're planning to have guests over to your house for Christmas Eve! Our guide has everything you need to help make your night a stress free success.

Déco décoiffante

Set the mood right away by putting decorating at the top of your list. When picking your tablecloths, napkins, and tree and home decorations, you don't need to restrict yourself to the traditional red and green, either. Blue, white and silver make a nice wintery theme, while gold and burgundy are also a classy alternative colour scheme. You should think about how you want to brighten up the room, whether that's draping it in shiny tinsel or placing LED lights or candles in Mason jars. Finally, whether you're cooking up a traditional feast or serving dishes buffet style, a good centrepiece never fails to make an impact. Tree branches, ribbons, pinecones, wreaths... let your imagination run wild!

Cooking for all kinds

Start planning your menu a few weeks in advance at minimum, so you'll have lots of time to shop for all the items you need. Whether you're serving up a classic turkey or more original fare, don't forget to include options for guests with allergies, intolerances or restrictive diets. You can provide different choices of sides, for example, or offer a vegetarian alternative to a meat entrée.

Buffet style deliciousness

Serving food buffet-style is always a great way to reduce stress. Here are a few different things you can offer that will please everyone:

Pretty serving dishes or stands are great for holding plates. Add a festive touch by adorning the table with fresh cranberries, rosemary branches and candied citrus slices!

Ready-to-eat to the rescue

Cooking for the whole family can be a long and stressful affair. There's no shame in using store-bought ready to eat dishes or even catering services. In either case, your local Marché Adonis is here to help! We've got everything, from Mediterranean specialties to pizza, sandwiches , desserts and appetizers. Just contact your nearest store to place an order and put together a menu that everyone will enjoy.

Festive ambience

A good Christmas Eve needs music! Make sure your playlist includes all kinds of different styles (believe us, no one wants to listen to Mariah Carey on repeat all night long!). You should also plan some entertainment for all your guests, not just the kids. After all, there's no age limit on fun! Board games, riddles, bingo and karaoke are all great standbys, and you can scour the web for all sorts of other ideas.