Adonis Simplifies Your Day-to-Day Life

Adonis Simplifies Your Day-to-Day Life

Going back to school means a returning to the same old routine, but who says it has to be boring and stressful? We're sharing our best tips and tricks for simplified back-to-school meals.

Planning Weekday Meals

A smooth return to routine requires careful planning. Deciding in advance what your meals, lunches and snacks will consist of saves precious time, since you'll be sure to have purchased all the ingredients you need for each recipe. You can also save money when planning your meals according to various flyer deals and discounts. What’s more, you'll know exactly what to say when the kids ask, "what's for dinner?"

Choosing Simple Recipes

Make simplicity your weeknight ally. Choose recipes that require few ingredients and that take less than 30 minutes to prepare, and save the more elaborate dishes for weekends. Our chicken tajine with olives chicken tajine with olives is a good example of a quick and simple meal, as is this Mediterranean tuna pasta.

Taking Time Off

As much as we want to cook for our family, we have to respect our limits. There’s no need to burn yourself out! Between homework and extracurricular activities, weeknights can get pretty busy. To put an end to the guilt and avoid succumbing to take out, opt for our catering service . We offer an assortment of delicious dishes that only need to be reheated: beef or chicken biryani, beef Stroganoff, various skewers, meat lasagna, etc.

Opt for DIY Lunches

A great way to make a quick lunch is to use a bento (Japanese lunch box) to assemble a meal from a variety of smaller foods. As well as being fun, this type of meal is appetizing, colourful and can be put together in no time. All you have to do is keep a few good base ingredients in the fridge. Our prepared dishes are perfect for such an occasion: just add tabbouleh salad, some ready-made dips (hummus, baba ghanouj, avocado or spinach dip) with veggies, pitas and crackers, a few falafels and a couple of grape leaves, and you've got yourself a complete, practically effortless lunch!

Double the Portions

If you want to make quick lunches, try doubling the portions of the evening dinner. That way, you only cook once and get two meals. Another good idea? Just double the protein. For example, if you're cooking chicken or beef, cook a little extra on the side and incorporate it into a sandwich, wrap or salad for next day’s lunch. Give it a try with our couscous salad , in which you can add any protein you like to turn it into a complete meal.

Cook in Batches

Take advantage of rainy weekends to make large batches of snacks. Most muffins, biscuits and cookies freeze beautifully. That way, you'll always have plenty on hand to fill lunch boxes. Try our dates and coconut squares!!

You are now ready to face the school year with confidence!