Why work at Adonis.

Diversity of teams.

At Adonis, we believe in each other's strengths and we encourage the diversity of team members.

Training and Development

Whether you have experience or not, we'll make sure you get the training you need to do your job well. In addition to the basic training to guide you in your daily tasks, we offer health, safety and customer service training, to ensure that you are as well-equipped as possible in the performance of your tasks.

Internal promotions and opportunity for career advancement

If you want to have a career with us, we will gladly help you progress within the company. There are several career advancement opportunities in all stores in Quebec and Canada. It is possible to reach management positions through work experience in various positions as we offer the possibility of working in several departments.

Teamwork and cooperation

We strongly encourage teamwork and cooperation in our stores. Mutual assistance, giving the best of oneself, motivating colleagues, working together to achieve common goals ... We believe that all these factors encourage a healthy and pleasant work environment, in addition to ensuring an excellent service to our customers.

Social advantages

We will be offering a group insurance program to members of our teams as of January 2021.

To send us your application using the form, click here.. You will be able to communicate to us your information, your ambitions, your geographic preferences as well as your curriculum vitae and your presentation letter.