Delicious pastries of the Middle East

Delicious pastries of the Middle East

It's always nice to end a meal on a sweet note. Why not change things up and try out some delicious traditional Middle Eastern pastries? They'll add a spark of excitement to the table and are a great way to explore new tastes and sensations that will delight your palate.

Middle Eastern food is becoming increasingly popular, but the region's desserts are still much less well known than its savoury dishes. Everyone is familiar with baklava, of course, but there are so many other pastries that are just as scrumptious and deserve our attention. Luckily, Marché Adonis has all kinds of Middle Eastern desserts in stock, so you don't have to go searching far and wide to give them a try!

We've got a number of pre made desserts to help you perfectly cap off a gathering with friends or family. Feast your eyes on the well stocked pasty counter at your local Adonis to discover one or more delights that will have your guests raving!


How could we not mention baklava, the traditional dessert of the Ottoman empire and the national pastry of Greece, Turkey and the Maghreb? There are a dozen different kinds: you can get baklava with pistachios, walnuts, cashews, you name it! With that much variety, you're sure to find at least one version you love. Marché Adonis even made a baklava specially designed for people with diabetes, so you've got no excuses not to give them a try!


These Lebanese pancakes are stuffed with walnuts or ashta (a cream similar to ricotta) and served with syrup. You can eat them plain or fried, whichever you prefer.


These mouth watering cookies are stuffed with dates and coated in chopped pistachios or sesame seeds.

Bird's nest

Bird's nests, made from angel hair wound in the shape of a nest, are especially popular in Syria. Once formed, the middle of the pastry is filled with pistachios and the whole thing drizzled in orange blossom syrup.


This rich, sweet dessert has a number of national varieties with different fillings, but the most popular version is made with angel hair and cheese. Add some simple syrup, top with nuts and voilà ! Knefeh is eaten hot, straight out of the oven, in a bread called ka'ak.

Znoud el sit

The name of these phyllo pastry rolls translates to "the arms of a woman." Typically, these nibblies are stuffed with cream and fruit and dipped in orange blossom and/or rose water syrup. They're finished off with a sprinkling of crushed pistachios.

Homemade versions

Want to try your hand at pastry making? Although our ready to eat desserts are pretty tempting, you can also whip up these delicious treats in your own kitchen. Just take a look at the desserts in the recipe section .of our website and visit your local Adonis, where you'll find all the ingredients you need to make your own Knefeh or tasty Maamoul .