Maamoul : A Homemade Dessert for All Occasions

Maamoul : A Homemade Dessert for All Occasions

In Quebec, we celebrate Christmas with a Yule log and Easter with some chocolate eggs. In the Middle East, maamoul are true stars of all festive gatherings. If you don't know yet what they are, read on to learn more about this tasty delicacy!

A Tradition Across Religions

Maamoul are small pastries prepared with fine semolina that are traditionally homemade and shared with friends or family as part of religious celebrations, including Easter for Christians, Ramadan for Muslims, and Hanukka for Jews.

Scrumptious Cookies

Traditional maamoul are small shortbread cookies, balls or sometimes even flowers stuffed with pistachios, other nuts, dates, or figs. Once cooked, they are dusted with powdered sugar and are then served with coffee or tea.

A Suiting Name

The term "maamoul" comes from the Arabic verb "amala", meaning "to do," which is extremely fitting seeing how making maamoul cookies by hand or using a specially made wooden maamoul spoon is an important part of the tradition!

Easy to Make at Home!

You can always buy maamoul in the bakery section of your Marché Adonis, but know that you can also easily make them yourself. Check out our recipe here to make 45 maamoul cookies to enjoy with your family or share with your loved ones!