Meet the CEDAR brand

Meet The CEDAR Brand

Did you know that all Marché Adonis stores sell products from their home brand? Just like all other products these Mediterranean supermarkets offer, CEDAR products provide you with the highest quality, but with the advantage of being at a price that will give your wallet a break!

Honouring Our Lebanese Origins

CEDAR is Marché Adonis' private brand that was named in honour of the chain founders' Lebanese roots. It was named after the cedar tree, which is the national emblem of Lebanon; a fitting name that symbolizes the long way the company has come since it was founded 45 years ago.

A Varied Offer

The CEDAR brand is comprised of a wide variety of products that cover everything you need to cook a true Mediterranean feast. This includes the traditional olive oil and orange blossom water, but also multiple other essentials: rice, bulgur, canned or dried beans, olives, frozen vegetables, and dairy products... you're spoiled for choice!

Guaranteed Quality

By choosing CEDAR, you are choosing the quality and freshness freshness that have made the name of Marché Adonis, at the best price possible! Try them out on your next visit in one of our stores or keep an eye on our flyers!