The butcher is the ambassador of the butcher's department. He cuts pieces of meat and poultry, gives cooking and recipe advice, and provides a personalized experience for every customer. Finally, he prepares the meats (cut, tie, wrap, weigh and label).


The fishmonger is the expert in seafood. He cuts, cleans, scales and empties fish. He prepares marinades and provides precise knowledge and cooking advice customers.


Chef cuisinier


The chef performs the tasks related to the production of the various meals offered in the store (dishes, sauces, starters, etc.). He guides and supervises his team members effectively to ensure the quality and flavors of the food. He follows the recipes of the Adonis manual, but collaborates in the creation of new dishes.

Pastry chef

The pastry chef performs the tasks related to the preparation and finishing of pastries. He prepares pastries and various mixes as well as icing and syrups. He assembles the products and decorates them. Finally, he supervises the baking of the pastries to ensure their quality.


Préposé à l'entretien

Maintenance worker

The maintenance worker is responsible for the cleanliness of the store. Using the appropriate tools, he cleans and maintains the various interior and exterior areas of the store, in addition to cleaning the equipment.