Distribution assistant manager

Phoenicia Group

Under the supervision of the company's distribution director, the deputy director assists him in the management of the department to ensure the smooth running of operations, while ensuring compliance with the budget, laws and procedures. He participates in the creation and achievement of performance objectives and follows up on the maintenance of machinery, equipment and the truck fleet. The deputy manager ensures the accuracy of inventories in order to prevent losses and stockouts.


  • Ensure the smooth running of distribution center operations as well as compliance with policies and procedures;
  • Assist the QC / ON distribution director in achieving the results of the strategic action plan and replace him during his vacations and trips;
  • Ensure compliance with OHS regulations, federal and provincial laws as well as the laws of the Ministry of Transport by all employees of the department;
  • Perform a daily control path to assess the operations in the various sectors of activity.
  • Ensure the accuracy of inventories to prevent stockouts and losses in collaboration with the inventory team;
  • Track the maintenance and upkeep of center equipment, including forklifts and pallet jacks;
  • Facilitate and participate in management meetings for the distribution team;
  • Ensure the planning, management and compliance with the work schedules of team members in order to optimize the use of the workforce and control overtime;
  • Follow up on the PMs and requirements for the SAAQ of the truck fleet with the transport supervisor;
  • Be a model to follow in compliance with the collective agreement and ensure good relations with unionized employees;
  • Ensure compliance with the department's budget (transport, operations, expenses, TS, etc.).


  • DEC or technical in a relevant field related to the position
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in the field of food distribution
  • Minimum 6 months team management experience
  • French and English bilingualism
  • Experience in a unionized environment an asset
  • Multicultural experience (preferred)


  • Autonomy and sense of responsibility
  • Technical and professional knowledge of the sector
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Priority management
  • Strong adaptability
  • Orientation towards quality work / service