Fall products

Enjoy the taste of fall

The end of summer is the start of harvest season, which means it's finally time to enjoy all that delicious produce you've been growing all summer. At its freshest, produce has unparalleled texture and taste. Read on to find out which of our products are in season and get some tips on the best ways to prepare them.

Root vegetables to the front

Beets, turnips, potatoes, carrots and company: after so long underground, root vegetables are finally ready to spring forth! It's why they're in so many season recipes, such as hearty soups or big cuts of meat slow roasted for hours at a time.

Squash and pumpkins steal the show

What's an October without pumpkins? Fall is the best season for enjoying all the beautiful and abundant varieties of squash and pumpkins available from local farms. You've got your rightful classics like butternut squash soup or pumpkin pie , but you could also try introducing yourself to some fresh new faces like this stunning de pumpkin baklava.

Peppers, any way you want them

Green, yellow or red-no matter what form they're in, there's nothing like a seasonal bell pepper. You can stuff the larger ones with meat for a mouth watering main, or puree red peppers to make muhammara,a traditional Syrian dip made from red peppers, olive oil, spices and walnuts. Its scintillating aromas are perfect for chilly fall weather.

We're nuts for nuts

September to November is harvest season for several varieties of nuts. What could be nicer than adding flavour and texture to a dish with these nutrient-packed ingredients? Try cashews with Lebanese rice and chicken, or almonds in siyadieh ,an ultra tasty dish of rice and fish.
Get your produce at its freshest with our calendar that lets you know which local produce is in season, and make sure to check out our flyer Adonis every Thursday!!