Adonis Catering: Entertaining Made Easy

Adonis Catering: Entertaining Made Easy

Hiring a catering service is an accessible, hassle-free way to spice up any event. Plus, the wide variety of dishes makes it a great option that everyone will enjoy.

A crowd-pleasing menu

Marché Adonis' catering service has everything you need to satisfy the whole party's taste buds and dietary preferences. Get your fill of tantalizing Mediterranean flavours with a menu that guarantees freshness and variety.

From pizza and sandwiches to salads, appetizers or desserts, our menu boasts a wide array of authentic flavours and a broad selection, including for vegetarians!

For events of all kinds

Christmas, Ramadan, weddings, baby showers, potlucks, birthday parties, or summertime classics like BBQs and picnics-whatever event you're planning, it's a perfect occasion to call on a caterer. Whether you're hosting a huge family gathering or just a small 10-person
get-together, catering can make your life easier and let you take a break from the kitchen!

How much food is enough?

The hardest part of using a catering service is ordering the right amount of food. Being left with a mountain of leftovers or running out of food for your guests within the first few minutes are both situations to avoid.

We like to calculate approximately 500-600 g of food per person. Note that people will tend to want to try a wider variety of foods with a buffet-style meal than a traditional sit-down meal. Portions can be divided as follows:

  • Appetizers: 3-6 pieces per person
  • Salads and starters: 100-250 g per person
  • Meat, fish and vegetable protein: 150-250 g per person
  • Sides: Around 200 g per person
  • Dessert: 100-110 g per person

Make sure to take into account that children and seniors tend to have smaller appetites.