Fish clerk

Marché Adonis Sauvé
Marché Adonis Anjou
Marché Adonis Laval-Est


  • Take the training offered by the fishmongers (about a year);
  • Prepare the ice tables;
  • Prepare the sauces and marinate the seafood;
  • Perform the opening and closing tasks of the fishmonger's department;
  • Provide displays and ensure their aesthetics;
  • Fill in the temperature register and find the correct temperature for the refrigerators and freezers;
  • Complete the cleaning record and maintain the equipment, displays and work area;
  • Monitor the quality of fish and seafood, expiration dates and ensure stock rotation;
  • Complete and maintain the register of marine bivalve molluscs;
  • Provide customers with precise and complete knowledge of fishmonger's products and services;
  • Meet customer requests for cleaning and baking products
  • Handle specific situations or requests, as well as customer complaints and inform its manager;
  • Ensured that the refrigerated displays and the displays are well filled; Receive the goods respecting the cold chain (store products according to categories: refrigerator or freezer);
  • Make the different cuts of fish;
  • Clean, seed, empty and empty the fish (one year training);
  • Prepare the fish for sale (cut, package, weigh and label);
  • Use a wide variety of selling techniques (suggestive selling technique);
  • Be discreet, attentive and know how to express yourself clearly and distinctly in the different official languages;
  • Ensure that the department is ready to serve customers when the store opens;
  • Apply and comply with OSH instructions and hygiene standards;
  • Perform any other related tasks required by his superior.