Fruits and vegetables clerk

Marché Adonis Laval
Marché Adonis Anjou
Marché Adonis Laval-Est
Marché Adonis Griffintown
Marché Adonis Ottawa
Marché Adonis Quebec City


The clerks make sure that the shelves and counters are well stocked. They rotate merchandise, check prices, and answer questions from our customers about our products. 

  • Cut, package, weigh, and label loose fruits and vegetables (berries, melons, etc.); 
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the department at all times; 
  • Advise customers and answer their questions about the different products; 
  • Help control the level of inventories to minimize excess or insufficient stocks; 
  • Rotate products to ensure quality and freshness; 
  • Remove damaged and expired products from shelves and report them.