Butcher clerk

Marché Adonis Laval
Marché Adonis Anjou
Marché Adonis Laval-Est


  • Follow all internal regulations, standards and policies of the company;
  • Perform butchery opening and closing tasks;
  • Keep informed about new products;
  • Prepare the meat using the appropriate equipment and with the correct cutting method;
  • Execute with the manager the merchandising plans of the department taking into account the products in circular;
  • Supply the displays and ensure their aesthetics;
  • Collaborate with the person responsible for special requests from customers if necessary;
  • Help control inventory levels to minimize excess and insufficient inventory, to maximize sales, inventory turnover and return on investment, in accordance with established store guidelines;
  • Receive goods respecting the cold chain;
  • Ensure that the articles rotation procedures are scrupulously respected and that the merchandising methods present freshness and optimal quality in order to maximize sales and profits;
  • Keep the shelves, refrigerated compartments well filled and presented as much as possible according to departmental standards;
  • Ensure that all the displays are set up to optimize sales and profits, that they are impeccable and colorful, have, if necessary, complementary ranges and include the appropriate posters;
  • Check the correct temperature of refrigerators and freezers;
  • Follow up on an item ordered by a customer if necessary;
  • Make sure that all items have the correct price, poster and type of exhibit and that the prices of the promotional items from the previous week are returned to the regular prices, as well as the promotional items that are in effect. Place damaged products in the return section and have them recorded in order to calculate and control losses;
  • Notify the manager, in the event of a defect in the equipment;
  • Clean designated areas every hour, in accordance with store policy, and respond promptly to emergencies and potential security risks, such as spills or plastic containers containing liquid products;
  • Respect the maintenance schedule for tools and other materials;
  • Ensure that work areas and corridors are clean, unobstructed and well organized;
  • Know all the products offered in the department as well as the differences (in price, taste, preparation or use) between the many varieties to advise customers correctly and effectively;
  • Treat damaged and defective products in accordance with MAPAQ regulations;
  • Respect the approved plans for the department to ensure a tangible management of the space based on the direction of product placement, customer demand and profitability;
  • Ensure that all refrigerated displays and displays are well filled and always presented according to the labeling, the direction of product placement or department standards;
  • Ensure that the department is ready to serve customers when the store opens;
  • Ensure that the expiration date for products prepared in store meets MAPAQ standards (see expiration policy for food products in store);
  • Check the goods received to ensure that all the items on the suppliers' invoices are delivered. Check the condition of the products, the quality, the number and the weight;
  • Follow up on a product ordered by a client if necessary;
  • Execute the maintenance program established for refrigerated displays, anteroom, refrigerated counters and all refrigeration equipment;
  • Ensure that temperatures are maintained at 2oC - 4oC for the refrigerator and -18oC for the freezer;
  • Use a wide variety of selling techniques (suggestive selling technique);
  • Perform any other related tasks required by his superior.